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As The Content Removal Experts, we provide a wide range of services designed to protect you and your online reputation.

Online Content Removal

We specialise in removing false, harmful, defamatory, potentially illegal or personal information from Google, Social Media Sites, community groups, web forums and websites around the globe.

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Digital Footprint Analysis

Our team are experts at researching and finding concerning content online, reporting back to you with current and potential risks as well as areas for imrpovement.

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Account Recovery

We are experts are recovering hacked, stolen or lost Social Media or email accounts, limiting your exposure to leaked personal and private information or confidential business documents.

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Content Monitoring & Alerts

We have built a series of specialised systems that listen to and scour the internet for predefined search criteria. Upon locating harmful results, we notify you immediately.

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Reputation Management

For over seven years we have specialised in managing the reputation of our clients. We use wholistic approaches to remove content and restore your online reputation.

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Crisis Management Advice

Everyone experiences times of crisis, but what matters most is how you handle them. We provide expert advice based years of experience in managing times of crisis.

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Featured Service: Content Removal

Content Removal is the core service provided by Internet Removals.

The purpose of content removal is to assist our clients with the removal of false, harmful and potentially illegal online content.

In our seven years, we’ve removed over 55,421 problems for our clients.

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Real Estate Agency #1

Website & Google Reviews eliminated!

Home Builder #1

24 Hour Google Review Success!

Revenge Porn Victim #1

Over 46 URL’s removed in 48 hours!

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Rapid technological and economic development is a welcome opportunity, but regulation will always struggle to keep pace. This inevitable lag in legal and cultural adaptation means Filipinos are especially vulnerable victims of scandals, fake news, cyberbullying, revenge porn, defamation, blackmail, libel, extortion, and abuse.

Managing Partner Rose Christine Velasco, and Advisor Colton Moffitt talked to Tech Sabado hosts Atty, Melvin Calimag and Engr. Pierre Galla about how Internet Removals came about, and the solution we bring to the Philippine market in helping people restore their good name.

Take control of your reputation today

In the Philippines, revenge porn or scandals are proliferated rampantly through social media, more so if a celebrity or person of significance is involved. The possession of the material may also be used by the perpetrators to blackmail the subjects into performing other sex acts, to coerce them into continuing the relationship, or to punish them for ending the relationship.

In this age of viral scandals and nasty fake news meant to ruin someone’s reputation, a newly established local tech firm is offering a “content removal” service that can scrape off any bad or incriminating content in the Internet.

“Being alive in a time where we’re now able to freely say what we want to say and however we want to say it is a blessing,” Velasco said. “However, it’s so easy now for things to get lost in translation and taken out of context.”

“At Internet Removals, we help people deal with these unfortunate circumstances,” she added.



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